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This soft cover 7”x 10” colored 144 page biography of the life of Padre Domenico da Cese features 355 photographs some of which have never been seen before.  Enlightening information of how this humble Capuchin priest whom from a very early age would be destined for a special apostolate involving the precious relic of the Holy Face of Jesus, kept in the Basilica of the Volto Santo in Manoppello, Italy.

Miraculous events surrounding his life as well as his connection to Saint Padre Pio, will leave readers astonished; including photographs of Padre Domenico caught on film bilocating in Padre Pio’s funeral procession in 1968.  St. Padre Pio would often recommend pilgrims from the Abruzzo region to see Padre Domenico, as he stated, "He is just like me!" This book tells the stories of the obstacles he faced during the Second World War and how through Mary, Mother of God, he would overcome them; also his motto, "All for Jesus".  Special features include: his crucifix that bled, the stigmata, the ability to read souls, and his Apostolate for the Volto Santo. Padre Domenico suffered physically all his life, even fasting from his daily evening meal, yet he was always seen with a smile and in later years his gaze would be focused Heavenly.  He died on September 17, 1978, after being struck by a speeding Fiat in Turin, Italy; forgiving the driver and offering all for the "Shroud of Turin", and later the "universal joy, the Church of God". Currently his body rest in the crypt of the family tomb in Cese, Italy.

Padre Domenico Da Cese, O.F.M. Capuchin

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